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Ladies, climb the class leader with the right nail polish

Almost every girl is using a nail polish and some girls even have a regular nail manicure. They experiment with different nail colours and follow different nail polish trends. For women is almost the same things. Some women don’t wear a nail polish. Some use gel for the nails, and some even take bigger care for the nails. Therefore, they need and have regular nail manicure.
The choice for your nail care is huge. From regular to gel manicure, from no nail polisher or transparent polish to heavily painted nails. The choice is on you.
We all know that your nails can reveal clues to your overall health. They also show your personality and personal style. But, did you know that they also reveal your social class?

According to the social anthropologist Kate Fox, “Occupation is no longer a guide to where you stand in the pecking order: these days, we judge social class in much more subtle and complex ways.”. Something so subtle like… you nails?

Throughout history, fingernails have been the mark of status as much as jewelry. In the past, long nails were the mark of the higher class individuals because were not obliged to perform manual labor. Both upper class men and women had long nails. However, lower class people had short nails. Bright colors, especially red, were associated with the lower class and with girls of ill repute until 1930. During that period Coco Chanel managed to make both red and shorter the mark of a very elegant upper class. It is around this time, also, that artificial nails were developed but only for the film industry, not for the upper class.

Today, we can see different and sometimes insane nail trends. We can see a lot of celebrities using different and bold nail polish and almost all of them have long nails.


The nail polish used by the upper class today

From strong green nails to natural and neutral looking nails, everyone has the right to choose the nail polish they want. Well… everyone except the upper class that is. Upper class ladies don’t have long nails, only short and well manicured. And, they use natural nail polish. That is why you will never see the Queen Elizabeth’s and Kate Middleton’s nails different colour. And the nail length is the same every time they show up in public.
The upper class uses natural nail polish and their nails look as natural as possible. You will hardy ever see the nails of the Queen of England, but we all know that she has worn the same shade of nail polish since 1989. It is the £7.99 bottle of Essie’s ‘Ballet Slippers’. Where to buy this nail polish? Almost everywhere. In the bigger shops that is.You won’t miss it.








And believe it or not, Kate Middleton uses the same nail polish as the Queen advised her to do. She chose this nail polish for her wedding day, and has been using it ever since. Regardless the event, the context or the attire worn by Kate Middleton, her nails are always nude or natural looking, and always short. Kate is not allowed to wear fake nails or to color them in all sorts of shades because at the Palace, colored nails are considered vulgar. And so are in the upper class.


Final words …

And now, you don’t need to read a palm to guess to which class someone belongs. All you need to do as to look at the nails. If they are neutral or natural looking and short, every time you see this person, no doubt it is upper class. But to be completely sure, you need to check some other indicators. In addition, to know what the other upper class trace are, read the articles we have already published, and follow us to read the new ones when they come.

Furthermore, you also know that Meghan Markle is going to change her nail polish if she is to join the Royal Family. So, watch the news for this sign.

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