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The elite super car hardly anyone knows about

Have you heard about this elite super car? It is elite, it is expensive, and it is not so known in the World.

The 2017 Acura NSXs came out about an year ago, but you can hardly find anyone who has actually seen one. It is powerful, amazing and luxurious and it can be places among the Audi R8, the Mercedes AMG GT, and even the McLaren 570S. But only some people know about this car because of a very stupid reason- because it is associated with all other Acuras that existed and still exist. But, that’s about to change.

The designer of this elite super car is Michelle Christensen and the car is an all-wheel-drive hybrid with two seats. It has a “Quiet” drive mode and three electric motors. Two of them are on the front axle and the third one is between the twin-turbo, mid-engine V6. That is amazing because it allows the car to reach 573 horsepower and 9 kilometers per litre on a motorway.  The car was build in Ohio in 2017.

It uses ample driving technology, “Magnetorheological” dampers control rolling independently at all four corners. Also in Track mode the car corrects itself coming out of corners so that you don’t—can’t—slide.


This elite super car hits 25 kilometers per litre in 2.7 seconds, and it reaches up to 307 km/h. With swooping, swift acceleration, nimble steering, and alert, hyper-quick brakes it can be compared to the best cars in the world.

Photos by: Cesar Soto




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